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Pre-Engineered Building




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Pre-engineered buildings are defined by the following geometrical parameters: Building width, Length, Eave height, Roof slope, Sidewall bay spacing, end wall bay spacing and main frame module space. Also design loads are the basic parameter.

Building Length and width are defined by the distance between steel lines. Extreme surface edges of girts and purlins are treated as steel line. Sum of side wall bay spaces will be equal to the building length.

Eave height is the distance from Finished floor level to inter section point of roof and sidewall steel line.

Roof Slope is defined as the ratio between vertical distance and horizontal distance of the roof surface. Standard roof slopes are 0.5:10 and 1.0:10

To describe the side wall bay spacing, main frame column spacing to be referred start from back end wall steel line to right end wall steel line. Same way back end wall and front end wall bay spacing to be given from left side wall steel line to right side wall steel line.